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Q: You guys are helping setup ads?

A: Absolutely, we create, manage, optimize and automate. You don’t have to create ANY ads. 

Q: How do you create campaigns for agents in different markets in Canada?

A: The exact same way except we don’t have the “Housing Category” restriction that Facebook put in force in the US. 

Q: I have used many chat before and my issue was the timing. It was obvious that it was a bot. Is there a way to change the timing?

A: We don’t hide the fact that it is a bot. The timing can be manipulated for sure, but most folks understand that it’s an automated process and that is not an issue. When you jump in on the conversation we set it up such that it’s clearly you who they are then engaging with. 

Q: What happens when the lead has a specific question the bot does not have an answer for?

A: You’re notified in real-time and can chime in to help them. 

Q: Any integration with kvCore?

A: Absolutely (along with others as well).

Q: Did you say this will also include our monthly vip/pro membership?

A: Correct. 

Q: I know there are no Guarantees in Life, but do you have any sort of data showing average amount of sales on your $500 plan... In other words... Maybe one per month.. One every 2 months, etc…

A: Our goal is a minimum of 1/month, but that can take time to actually close (obviously because real estate is a long sales cycle). Generally speaking the longer and more seasoned the database becomes the more results (closings) you’ll get. 

Q: If we have both sides the referral is still limited to 20 percent of $4,000

A: $4,000/transaction yes. 

Q: Do we have any 'say' in the type of ads that run?

A: Absolutely. We’re Partners so we want to make sure everyone is on the same page and we’re acquiring the kind of clients that you want to be working with. 

Q: Are there additional costs on top of the monthly fee? Like Facebook ad costs etc…

A: Nope that/s it. 

Q: So the $500 p/m includes the marketing budget?

A: Correct. 

Q: Also are there more leads between $500 and $1000 plans?

A: No. 

Q: If we get a good return and are using opt 1, can we switch to opt 3?

A: Yes, but you’ll be responsible for any referral fees from folks generated during the time that you were on Option 1. 

Q: Can this be done with mobile home sales?

A: Absolutely. 

Q: Just so I understand, the ads are on our own FB business page so the leads can be re-targeted??

A: That’s correct. 

Q: Is the average buyer or seller younger people? Meaning lower price point?

A: Not at all. The offer and interest targeting will help 

Q: Is target area the FB 15 mile radius?

A: Correct, but there are several things that we do 

Q: Hey serious question now. We are a high producing team. What's the best way to track the actual closings so we make sure we pay you?

A: There’s no perfect solution but we’ll have checks and balances in place to help make it as easy as possible and keeping the lines of communication open is going to help as well. 
Q: We can switch from 500 to 1000 I think you said yes?
A: Yes.
Q: Who is doing the follow up once lead comes in, all me part me and you?
A: The bot and our automation will do the majority. You jump when a lead asks a question the bot doesn’t recognize, when a new prospects completes.
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